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The Significance Of Accounting In Business
Tinashe Munyati, Chartered Certified Accountant, Fourways
May 04 2018

Accounting and business are closely interlinked with one another, and some would argue that it might be just as important as your product or service because, without the correct financial support and submissions, your business will fail. Certified Chartered Accountants support businesses in summarizing, analyzing, and collecting insightful financial data so they can make better business decisions, as well as making sure their financial records are up to date and correct with SARS. Accounting is often referred to as the “Language of Business” and it is one of the most important functions of a business enterprise. It is the language through which a business enterprise communicates with the various stakeholders through the means of quantitative financial information. Accounting is a professional service activity that might be seen as “mere”, though it is much more than that. For a small fee today, accounting can help a business save a substantial chunk of money tomorrow, and the right accountants plan ahead to ensure a company’s sustainability.
Setbooks Accounting is an accounting firm developed for the sole purpose of saving the business owner’s time and money. Entrepreneurs know the significance of time and value for money and a small investment in the Accounting sector today can protect the future of a growing business. A business owner may have an abundance of business skills & knowledge but they certainly have a scarcity of time & financial, accounting knowledge. For such business owners, accounting can help in proper management & organization of financial data to better steer a business in the right direction. Setbooks Accounting hopes to be the premier accounting company for entrepreneurs in Johannesburg & surrounding cities. Our effective financial consulting and taxation services help busy entrepreneurs find clarity within their business and make financial tasks much easier. These and many other elements link up to build a business’s financial stability which is the primary objective of Setbooks Accounting.
Business owners have an important decision to make in terms of outsourcing the business’s accounting and quite often, some business owners tend to decide in favor of handling the business accounts on their own. Maintaining and getting the most out of accounting requires an individual to have a great deal of knowledge and experience related to accounting and this expertise helps in producing the desired financial results. Certified Chartered Accountants can help in identifying the optimum solutions to arising financial business problems that a business owner might not have noticed on their own.
An Accountant can be looked upon as an integral partner of your

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