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Scope Of Work – Online Marketing

This is a short guide to explain what has been done and what still needs to be done. The logins for accounts will be sent in a separate email.


1. Introduction

Setbooks website was built using WordPress & the Divi theme, to allow for edits or updates from anyone with a basic understanding of technology, with no knowledge of coding required.

2. Divi Theme

Divi is one of the most popular themes in the world, used only for WordPress. If you want to update or edit your website at any time, here are some tutorials to help you do that: Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2


3. Regular Updates & Security

Your website will need to be updated (theme updates & plugins updates on a regular basis) here’s a tutorial on how to do updates.

The username and API license key for the updates has already been inputted into your website.


Social Media

1. Introduction

We used Facebook & Linkedin for exposure and found that Facebook was best when practical advice was given, as opposed to something which people already knew.

Google ads were also used, and I think this is a good way forward for lead generation.

2. Linkedin

Setbooks Linkedin business account should be posted from within Tinashe’s personal profile (to gain the best visibility) however, we were only posting to build the page content for now.


3. Google ads

If Setbooks uses Google ads with a larger budget I think much more leads can be generated.



1. Introduction

Gumtree needs to be used for more exposure. Posting in the services and job boards are some good ways of achieving this. 

2. OLX

OLX should also be used to gain further exposure. Tinashe already has an OLX account.


1. Introduction

Accounting directories should be searched for on a regular basis to see if it would be a good fit for Setbooks website. The directories should be in Johannesburg, but if its a well-known directory and has a loyal following, anywhere in SA would be okay.


1. Introduction

To grow the Setbooks Accounting brand, giveaways & free consultations would be a good way forward. With enough budget, I think a good return on investment would be seen.