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Accounting Solutions in Johannesburg

Accounting Solutions

In Johannesburg

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We do complete record keeping of your day to day business transactions.

SARS and Taxation Services

From basic registrations to the submission of complex returns,

Business/Financial Accounting

We provide the information that is needed for sound economic decision making.


Secretarial/Admin Services

Registration of private companies, setting up of trusts and more.

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Why Setbooks Accounting?

  • We are knowledgeable and adaptable with the fast-changing accounting and tax regulations.
  • We provide tax and financial expertise, for individuals and business.
  • We take an active approach which is why we write new plans to bring your finances under control.
  • Our accountants are graduates of accounting and finance related degrees.
  • We have a small, dedicated team which means your work will become our priority without delay.
  • We help identify financial problem areas in your business and work with you to rectify them. 

2019 Important Dates

  • 07-03-2019 – PAYE submissions and payments
  • 25-03-2019 – VAT manual submissions and payments
  • 28-03-2019 – Excise Duty payments
  • 29-03-2019 – VAT electronic submissions and payments
  • 29-03-2019 – End of the 2017/18 Financial year
  • 29-03-2019 – CIT Provisional Tax Payments
  • 01-04-2019 – Start of 2018/2019 Financial Year
  • 05-04-2019 – PAYE submissions and payments
  • 25-04-2019 – VAT manual submissions and payments
  • 29-04-2019 – Excise Duty payments
  • 30-04-2019 – VAT electronic submissions and payments
  • 30-04-2019 – CIT Provisional Tax Payments
  • 07-05-2019 – PAYE submissions and payments
  • 24-05-2019 – VAT manual submissions and payments
  • 30-05-2019 – Excise Duty payments
  • 31-05-2019 – VAT electronic submissions and payments
  • 31-05-2019 – CIT Provisional Tax Payments
  • 07-06-2019 – PAYE submissions and payments
  • 25-06-2019 – VAT manual submissions and payments
  • 27-06-2019 – Excise Duty payments
  • 28-06-2019 – VAT electronic submissions and payments
  • 28-06-2019 – CIT Provisional Tax Payments
  • 28-06-2019 – End of the 1st fiscal quarter


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